Master Fa Chan’s Teachings


  1. “Life” all arises from the true self-nature or the original nature of the mind. There is no “I” that arises or acts. Remembering this sentence will be of great help on the path. Because it is a guidepost on the path of spiritual practice. On the road, it will guide you on the right path and not go astray.
  2. Taoists, you should observe that the five aggregates of body and mind are not the origin of life. They are only “things” temporarily available in the world, and are not the true face of life. On the Tao, you should keep this concept in mind. Because it is the compass in your heart. With it, you will not fall into the self-confusion of the five aggregates of body and mind, and it will even guide you to the shore of Nirvana, which has no birth, no death, no coming and no going!
  3. On the road, there is a “Nine-Character Sutra”. It is extremely important on the Tao and is the foundation of the Tao. Therefore, we reluctantly gave it the pseudonym “Nine-Character Sutra”. Which nine characters are they? In fact, it is very simple, just these nine words: “see through, let go, and think openly.” In short, you can completely see through, let go, and think openly about everything inside and outside your body and mind, and all this will not affect your heart at all, and that’s right! This does not require you to abandon or give up anything, it is unnecessary. This is purely a matter of your mentality. As long as your mentality is completely unaffected or influenced by everything in your body and mind, that’s fine. Of course, this may be difficult for ordinary ascetics to do, but if you are a true Taoist, it will be easy. Because what a true Taoist wants is to return to the original nature or the body of truth. Everything inside and outside his body and mind was not what he wanted, and of course he couldn’t see it. It’s better to have it, it’s better not to have it. All this is insignificant and insignificant to it, so it is natural for it to see through it, let it go, and think about it. In fact, even if you are not a Taoist, as long as you know how to see through, let go, and think openly, you will find that every day is a good day, there are benefits everywhere, and your heart will be filled with peace and joy. Love!
  4. As the saying goes: “The width of the house is not as wide as the width of the heart.” That’s right! When you know how to forgive or consider others, it is the best gift to others and the best way to treat yourself. Because it can enhance the positive energy of the mind and put you in a good mood.
  5. Taoists should keep in mind: It doesn’t hurt if you suffer some losses, so why not give him three points? If you are willing to suffer a loss, you will receive a hundred blessings. If you want to get cheap everywhere, it turns out that you are the one who suffers the big loss.
  6. The sea accepts all rivers, and it is great if it has tolerance. Treating others with a magnanimous heart will bring endless blessings. If you are narrow-minded, easy to compare, and easy to care about, your blessings will be pitifully small!
  7. Thousands of health cares, ten thousand health cares, mental tranquility, peace, serenity and freedom are the key.

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