Outdoor Tai Chi Classes are the Number 1 way to Get Fit Gently at Your own Pace

The Yang Family public 108 Tai Chi Chuan set is one of the best low-impact exercises ever devised. Beginners can pick up the basic movements quickly, even in online tai chi classes. Although learning the entire sequence requires prolonged study with daily practice the health benefits are quickly noticeable, regardless of the number of forms learned. The Tai Chi teacher that I learned from, Master Li, had a way of cheating old age and practiced agilely into his nineties. Below are some of the health benefits regular Tai Chi practice provides. County Donegal’s coasts and the countryside is a great place to practice Tai Chi as is Ireland in general.

The health benefits of taking Online Tai Chi Classes and practicing regularly:

  1. Improved balance, posture and mobility.
  2. Increased flexibility and range of motion, especially in the hips, lower back and core. Yang Style Tai Chi emphasizes flexibility.
  3. Practicing Tai Chi in Ireland is a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Practicing Tai Chi in Donegal especially is hard to beat.
  4. Deepening and lengthening of the breath, again the Yang family Tai Chi method has a highly developed breathing method.
  5. The ability to use the ground as leverage for internal strength applicable to everyday tasks.
  6. Toning and strengthening of the muscles and tendons, especially of the legs.
  7. One of the key health benefits of taking a TaiChi class is the improved ability to manage stress and anxiety.

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