Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg – An Important Tai Chi Posture

The idea of the golden rooster posture is to keep the peng or leverage in the raised hand and then learn to move the lower body independently from that. You put your hands in a simple autopilot defense posture when you’re practicing your tai chi kicks. The peng jin or leverage can be used to hold, block, defend or pull. Of course you can do this with two hands up, such as in the seven stars posture, but golden rooster trains the basic idea. Look at the cigarette in my hand, that is where you keep the leverage.

The resting posture at the end of the form is how you learn the full posture, it feels like you’re pulling you knee into your kua. If you assume that posture and have someone place one hand on your ming men (top of sacrum) point and then push your knee up and in you will get the feel. You can get a lot of power from moving this way. The other thing is that you are constantly feeding your weight into the rear leg. Ed had a video up on Patreon of a simple back and forth tai chi leg drill that is very good with this idea, I have it saved I might put it up here if he doesn’t have a link.

The kick in the end clip is an example of usage, if you where pulling someone in with your hands they would brace the rear leg then when it’s extended fully you can keecap it. Alternatively you can hook their front leg from behind with the kicking foot first. 

It’s also a very good chi kung posture but I’m not getting into that as you are looking for the applications.

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