Delightful Tai Chi Classes in Donegal, the world’s #1 peaceful spot

Outdoor Tai Chi Classes in Co. Donegal, are cancelled until Further Notice Due to the pandemic and related restrictions. I will be forming an outdoor, social distancing class, in Letterkenny when the restrictions are lifted.

Tai Chi Classes in Donegal are generally pretty good.

There are now some experienced Tai Chi teachers in Donegal. Beginner Tai Chi Classes are popping up throughout the county to cater to the growing interest among the Irish people. Generally, most Donegal Tai Chi Classes are held in parish halls and VEC centers in eight-week courses. In China and Tawain Tai Chi Classes are usually held year-round outdoors, this is how I practiced with my teacher who was adamant that tai chi should be practiced outside in a natural setting. In the age of the pandemic, outdoor tai chi classes make the most sense.

How Tai Chi Classes in Donegal could be better.

My Tai Chi teacher taught his public Tai Chi class every Saturday throughout the year, with a few breaks for holidays. If the weather was good, the Tai Chi class was always held outside. This is the way public tai chi is traditionally practiced and taught in China. The early morning is a beneficial time to practice tai chi, especially in pristine natural settings.

Here in Donegal, Ireland, we have an abundance of such places, yet there are no outdoor classes. Teachers are afraid of the rain and what that will do to the all-important numbers.

Master Li had me practice outside in all kinds of weather even during cold winters. I believe outdoor tai chi classes in Donegal would be fantastic in a semi-sheltered spot. The west of Ireland, Mayo, and Donegal, in particular, provide some of the best spots to practice Tai Chi in the world.

Although I have facilitated a very nice class indoors I would really like to start an outdoor Tai Chi class in Donegal. Two benefits to practicing tai chi outdoors are the fresh air and lack of distractions we find at home. Practicing in a wood or park helps away from devices to help us focus and recharge.

Many Chinese masters, including my own teachers, prefer teaching smaller, dedicated groups, and do not make their income as tai chi teachers. Tai chi doesn’t transmit well in 8 week courses, but instead is learnt organically by daily practice.

Master Yeung  Chen Li
Master Yeung Chen Li practicing Tai Chi Sword circa 1999