Master Fa Chan’s Zen Talk

  1. Life has energy or aura, and even everything has energy or aura. But energy or aura can be both positive and negative. That is, there are good or bad ones. When you have good intentions and live in a clean and tidy environment, you will naturally have good energy or a good aura, and it is easy to attract good luck in life, giving you continuous good luck. However, if you have bad thoughts or unhealthy thoughts and live in a messy environment, your aura or energy will become negative or bad. In this way, it is naturally easy for you to have bad luck again and again. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning, you must first take care of your mind and home environment. This is a good way to change your luck, why don’t you give it a try!
  2. A person’s mind determines a person’s pattern; a person’s pattern can determine a person’s outcome or achievement. If you have a big heart, the pattern will naturally be big. And if the pattern is big, the achievements in this life will of course be relatively high.
  3. Talk less in your mouth, eat less in your belly, and worry less in your mind. Having these three young men will really make you less sick and less troubled. Of course, “less” means just don’t be greedy for too much.
  4. Don’t stop hate with hate, stop hate with love. Love is the natural law of life. That’s right! There should be love in life, not hatred.
  5. As far as the highest concept of Zen Buddhism is concerned, don’t be greedy for too much Dharma, but rather the less, the better. That’s why Goode once said, “One sentence of clarity is worth tens of billions.” In the sect, all laws are facilities of last resort. All these laws are like yellow leaves turning into gold, and the theory that they stop and cry cannot be taken seriously.
  6. Goode once said: “It’s not the mind, it’s not the Buddha, it’s not the thing.” So what could it be? You might as well take a look.
  7. Time and space are both illusions in life, so what would be beyond time and space? You can also refer to it.
  8. When your parents were not born, let’s talk about it. What would it be like? If you can’t explain it, it doesn’t matter. Just work hard and look in your heart to get to the bottom of it. Remember! Never look outside yourself for answers.

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