How to learn Tai Chi online free

If you want to learn tai chi online free there are considerable challenges to overcome. The good news is that not only can it be done but if you’re willing to put in extra effort you can learn tai chi online free. It’s always best to learn directly from a master but these days there are just not enough tai chi classes to meet demand. With a shortage of qualified tai chi teachers and other obstacles learning tai chi online is the best and perhaps only option for a many seekers. Whether you learn tai chi online or irl, the fact is that you must learn it from a good teacher.

Learning traditional Tai Chi Online Free

There are loads of resources available if you want to learn a short beginner Tai Chi form online. This is fine if you’re into that sort of thing. This article is for folks who want a more traditional path. There is little benefit to learning one of the modern short forms over one of the traditional forms. Learning the first quarter of one of these traditional forms is more benefitial that learning the full 24 form, even though it takes about the same amount of time. An exception to this would be the Chen Man Ching 37 form, which was not created for the same reasons as the modern 24 type forms. I recommend the Chen Pan Ling 99 form or the Yang 108 form.

To learn tai chi online free requires a considerable commitment

You will need good resources here are some videos.

Chen Jing Bao a student of Chen Pan Ling – Performing the Chen Pan Ling 99 Tai Chi Form in great detail.

Another student of Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi

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