Outdoor Tai Chi Class in Letterkenny

My teacher, Master Li, had me practice outside year round and I’ve been wanting to do an outdoor tai chi class forever, but because of the weather in Ireland, especially Donegal, it always seemed risky. Since the pandemic however outdoor exercise has become more common.

Tai Chi class starting in Ballymacool park, near the old house, in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. 1:30pm 10 euros or 5 classes for 40. The classes begin when the restrictions on organized exercise is lifted. Ballymacool park has better parking access then the Letterkenny town park on a Saturday.

This class will teach the first section of the Yang 108 public style with a special emphasis on Master Li’s breathing method. This is a very good place to start for those new to Tai Chi.

Wear a raincoat, hat gloves etc.. Class will only be cancelled for steady heavy-ish rain.

The Yang 108 Tai Chi Form

A third-ish generation long form the Yang style Tai Chi

  1. Preparation & Commencement
  2. Grasp Bird’s Tail (R)
  3. Grasp Birds Tail (L)
  4. Ward off Upward – Peng
  5. Pull Back – Lu
  6. Press Forward – Gi
  7. Push – An
  8. Sing Whip
  9. Lift Hands
  10. Stork Cools it’s Wings
  11. Brush Knee Twist Step (L)
  12. Play the Pipa
  13. Brush Knee Twist Step (L)
  14. Brush Knee Twist Step (R)
  15. Brush Knee Twist Step (L)
  16. Play the Pipa
  17. Brush Knee Twist Step (L)
  18. Chop With Fist
  19. Step Up Parry Punch
  20. Sealing and closing
  21. Carry the Tiger to the Mountain
  22. Peng, Lu, Gi, An
  23. Diagonal Single Whip
  24. Punch Under Elbow
  25. Repulse Monkey (R)
  26. Repulse Monkey (L)
  27. Repulse Monkey (R)
  28. Repulse Monkey (L)
  29. Repulse Monkey (R)
  30. Slanting Flying
  31. Lift Hands
  32. Stork Cools his Wings
  33. Brush Knee Twist Step
  34. Needle at Sea Bottom
  35. Fan Through Back
  36. Turn, Chop with Fist
  37. Step Up, Parry Punch
  38. Ward Off, Pull, Press, Push
  39. Single Whip
  40. Cloud Hands
  41. Single Whip
  42. High Pat on Horse
  43. Separate Foot
  44. Separate Foot (L)
  45. Turn, Kick With Sole
  46. Brush Knee Twist Step ( L & R)
  47. Step Up, Parry Punch
  48. Turn, Chop With Fist
  49. Step Up, Parry Punch
  50. Brush Foot (R)
  51. Hit the Tiger (L)
  52. Hit the Tiger (R)
  53. Right Foot Kicks Up
  54. Double Wind Pierce the Ears
  55. Brush Foot (L)
  56. Turn, Kick with Sole
  57. Chop with fist
  58. Step up, parry, punch
  59. Closing up
  60. Carry Tiger to the Mountain
  61. Peng, Lu, Gi, An
  62. Horizontal Single Whip
  63. Part Wild Horses Mane (R)
  64. Part Wild Horses Mane (L)
  65. Part Wild Horses Mane (R)
  66. Grasp Bird’s Tail
  67. Peng, Lu, Gi, An
  68. Single Whip
  69. Fair Lady at Shuttles (1)
  70. Fair Lady at Shuttles (2)
  71. Fair Lady at Shuttles (3)
  72. Fair Lady at Shuttles (4)
  73. Grasp Bird’s Tail (L)
  74. Peng, Lu, Gi, An
  75. Single Whip
  76. Cloud Hands
  77. Single Whip
  78. Snake Creeps Down
  79. Golden Rooster on One Leg
  80. Golden Rooster on One Leg
  81. Repulse Monkey ( R & L)
  82. Slanting Flying
  83. Lift Hands
  84. Stork Cools Wings
  85. Brush Knee Twist Step (L)
  86. Needle at Sea Bottom
  87. Fan Through Back
  88. White Snake Flicks Tongue
  89. Step, Parry, Punch
  90. Peng, Lu, Gi, An
  91. Single Whip
  92. Cloud Hands
  93. Single Whip
  94. High Pat on Horse
  95. Cross Hands
  96. Cross Kick
  97. Brush Knee, Puch Down
  98. Peng, Lu, Gi, An
  99. Single Whip
  100. Snake Creeps Down
  101. Step up to Seven Stars
  102. Retreat to Ride Tiger
  103. The Lotus Sweep
  104. Shoot Tiger
  105. Chop with Fist
  106. Step Up, Parry Punch
  107. Closing Up
  108. Conclusion