Outdoor Tai Chi Class in Letterkenny

My teacher, Master Li, had me practice outside year round and I’ve been wanting to do an outdoor tai chi class forever. Now with this latest lock down I think it is feasible to hold a class outdoors.

Tai Chi class starting in Ballymacool park, near the old house, in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. 1:30pm 10 euros or 5 classes for 40. The classes begin on Saturday January 2nd. Ballymacool park has better parking access then the Letterkenny town park on a Saturday.

This class will teach the first section of the Yang 108 public style with a special emphasis on Master Li’s breathing method. This is a very good place to start for those new to Tai Chi.

Wear a raincoat, hat gloves etc.. Class will only be cancelled for steady heavy-ish rain.