Tai Chi For for Free – The Four Energies

This relaxed beginner class covers the four core techniques of Tai Chi Chuan called the four energies. New Tai Chi students can work on familiarizing themselves with this flow quite easily. Have fun practicing. Contact me with any questions. Also, check out my practice spot, I feel lucky to be able to practice Tai Chi in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

The Four Energies of Tai Chi are:

1. Peng – Ward Off
2. Lu – Roll-Back
3. Gi – Press
4. An – Push

These forces, energies or concepts form the basis for all styles of Tai chi. The basic movements are not difficult for a beginner to learn, although the internal structure is another level.

The first energy is Peng, or ward off and it is a long-range, expansive usually upward-moving power.

The second energy is Lu or roll-back. It uses the energy of absorbing and leading. It is also used to coil force.

The third energy, Gi is press, it is usually horizontal straight out and is short-range penetrating power. It is difficult to learn.

The fourth energy, An or push is simple but powerful even for the beginning tai chi student.

Below Uncle Ang corrects my mistakes and adds some insights.